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Risk management services

Preventing the unpredictable

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Whatever the size, nature or location of an organisation it will face operational, strategic and regulatory risks. Risk management has become a fundamental requirement of good management in every aspect of all business and is practiced at all levels.

We recognise that no two sports businesses are the same and produce bespoke risk management and insurance programmes for many clients. Effective risk management can help to reduce exposure to preventable losses and can result in lower insurance premiums.

Therefore we suggest programmes aimed at targeting those areas where investment will reduce claims activity and overall insurance costs.

Our risk management support services

We also offer a range of support services designed to help our clients improve safety and security. The aims are to reduce accidents involving staff, spectators, volunteers, visitors and other third parties; mitigate losses in the event of an adverse incident and design a business continuity plan for use in a major disaster.

Such support may be provided in the form of published materials or by introducing the services of fee-based
specialist surveyors and risk managers.

Typical topics include the following:

  • Crowd safety
  • Property
  • Security
  • Cash handling
  • Health and safety
  • Player risk assessments
  • Business continuity planning
  • Business interruption

Guiding you through the risk management process

Our approach is to work closely together, taking you through the following steps which will assist in producing a risk management plan and risk register.

  1. Identify the risk
  2. Analyse the risk
  3. Evaluate or rank the risk
  4. Treat the risk
  5. Monitor and review the risk

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  • Chartered status.
  • Wealth of knowledge working with a number of amateur and professional sports entities across the UK.

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