Our Club Guard insurance policy is an insurance product that can combine multiple risk areas into a single insurance policy, as well as being flexible enough to add extra covers when required. The purpose of the policy is to work alongside and in support of the Motor Sport UK Liability Master insurance policy, which provides cover for a number of elements of risk for MSUK registered clubs. 

The MSUK Liability Master insurance policy covers certain aspects for MSUK registered clubs. They are noted in the “Blue Book” as:

  1. Events arranged by clubs held under an MSUK Permit or Certificate of Exemption
  2. Marshals training days
  3. Various club social activities (please see the extension wording)
  4. Approval may be given for the demonstration of vehicles – is this still accurate as I don’t believe it is?

What can our policy cover?

  • Property If a club owns any property such as timing equipment, computers, radio equipment or trophies, these can be insured for damage, loss or theft. 
  • Money
    If a club has any money that is paid in cash for entries, club regalia and annual awards tickets this can be insured against theft
  • Employers' Liability 
    As a club you are responsible for the health and safety of volunteers and contractors that work for you outside MSUK Permitted Events as they are defined as employees.  They will be carrying out activities for and on behalf of the club. If you are unsure about whether or not a person is an employee under the Employers’ Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act, please refer to the following explanatory document provided by the Health and Safety Executive.
  • Public liability – demonstration, testing and practice
    Unless you have an MSUK permit that covers club demonstration, testing and practising, then you will need separate insurance. Karting clubs in particular require this cover. 
  • Public liability – commercial activities
    If the club performs any commercial activities for profit or gain, for example hiring out your timing or communications equipment, or providing any of the club’s services for a fee, then we are able to provide this cover.
  • Directors, officers, and trustee indemnity
    If they are accused of any “wrongful act”, they can be held personally liable for their actions and decisions. The MSA policy does not provide this cover for individuals outside Permitted Events, but we are able to assist for everything that falls outside of this.

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