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Insurance for professional footballers

We are the appointed insurance brokers to the Premier League, Football League and Scottish Professional Football League and are one of the leading sports insurance brokers in the UK.

Our specialist knowledge in the professional football arena has enabled us to develop a product suited to meet the needs of the modern day professional footballer in the event of accidental death, injury or sickness.

Why consider insurance protection?

Whether you are a long established professional or a promising new talent at the start of your career, insurance should be a serious consideration to provide future financial protection. Sadly, there are many cases each year of playing careers stopped short through injury or sickness. Potential future earnings are lost and players could face long term rehabilitation and perhaps even retraining costs for alternative careers.

We handle many devastating career ending injury claims for which insurance can provide financial compensation.

When does cover apply?

None None

What are the policy benefits?

  • An accident or sickness which prevents a player engaging in his/her usual occupation as a footballer.
  • Accidental death.
  • Two year claim notification period.
  • No rehabilitation clause*.
  • Proportionate benefit clause**.

  * No rehabiliation clause means there is no set period over which a player is deemed to have made a recovery.
** Proportionate benefit clause means claims are covered if degeneration plays a part but is not the root cause
    of disablement.

Protect yourself today

You never know what’s around the corner so for peace of mind why not get a quotation and protect your future. 

If you are interested in finding out more about this policy and discussing your individual requirements please contact a member of our dedicated sports team.

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Insurance for professional footballers

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