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The Jackson Reforms

Important information

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The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) was concerned that spiralling liability claims costs were resulting in increased insurance premiums. The MOJ.carried out a thorough review of the civil litigation process and introduced measures to combat the “compensation culture”.

These important changes came into the effect from 31 July 2013 regarding any Employers Liability or Public Liability personal injury claim arising from accidents occurring ON or AFTER 31 July 2013 in England and Wales, where the potential value of the claim is between £1,000 and £25,000.

These claims will be handled between the claimant's legal representative and the relevant insurer through the MOJ Claims Portal process, where pre-determined cost fees will apply. Key to a claim remaining in the portal process is the adherence of strict acknowledgement timescales.

Employers Liability claims

Employer's Liability claims

We are expecting the claimants solicitors to trace the relevant insurer details via the Employers Liability Tracing Office (ELTO). If they find your details, the claim will be notified and communicated within the Claims Portal between the claimants solicitor and insurer. In these situations you will receive a Defendants Only notification of the claim which you do not need to acknowledge.

However, should the claimant's solicitor fail to find your Employers Liability details on ELTO they will write to you directly notifying a claim through the use of a Claims Notification Form (CNF).

If you receive a direct notification you must take certain steps, see below.

Public Liability claims

We anticipate that most will be notified to you direct and you must take certain steps, see below,

Steps you should take in the event of receiving a third party claim

The liability insurer for the NGIS is XL Catlin. Bluefin Sport are the insurance brokers.

If you receive a Claims Notification Form (CNF) relating to either an Employers Liability or Public Liability claim you should immediately (and no later than one working day) send an electronic acknowledgment of receipt of the notification to the claimants solicitor.

We suggest a wording of: "We acknowledge receipt of the CNF dated xx/xx/xx which is being passed onto our insurer, XL Catlin, under policy number [insert policy number]". (Your liability policy number will be on the Evidence of Cover document supplied by your County FA during affiliation)

You should then immediately send the CNF to Bluefin Sport to enable formal acknowledgement by the insurer, XL Catlin, to the claimant or their representatives (NOTE Bluefin Sport will not be able to acknowledge such notifications to the claimant; this is the responsibility of the insurer XL Catlin).

Who to contact

After you have acknowledged the CNF please send it to Bluefin Sport:
Email: ngisclaims@bluefinsport.co.uk
If you have any queries please call us on 0345 8725060 (Mon to Friday 9-5pm)

Call us:

0345 872 5060

Mon to Fri 9am to 5pm