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Insurance requirements for 2019/20 season

There are two types of insurance policies required for the season.

A) Personal accident insurance - this provides protection for someone who is injured in an accident whilst participating in a club activity. This policy could provide either a lump sum benefit or weekly amount (dependent on the cover selected).

 B) Legal liability insurance - this provides protection against any claims made by third parties against you e.g. claims for slips and trips or damage to third party property as a result of your negligence.

Tell me more about the level of personal accident insurance required in this county.

A) Personal accident insurance

The NGIS policy provides cover in the event of an injury to players, committee members, manager, trainers and officials. We recommend that you look at the range of benefits on offer to ensure you purchase cover to meet the needs of your players. We can provide cover for both adult teams (including walking football) and youth teams.


As stipulated by The FA, personal accident insurance is compulsory for Adult 11-a-side teams and all formats of youth football. The NGIS can provide a range of levels of cover to choose from but the minimum entry level of cover required for affiliation to Lancashire FA is as follows:

  • Adult 11 a side teams: ‘Intermediate’ policy.
  • Youth teams: ‘Basic' policy.

How do I purchase personal accident cover for my teams?

I am an existing NGIS policyholder:

If you are currently insured on the NGIS for the 2018/19 season (policy expiry date 30 June 2019) you will receive direct renewal notification from Bluefin Sport either by email (if you provided us with an email address) or alternatively by post. Our renewal notification will explain how you can renew or amend your covers for the 2019/20 season.

I am a new team/club or my team/club insurance policy is currently with another insurance provider:

You have two options available if you wish to purchase the NGIS policies:

1) Apply online (no administration fee). Instant receipt of documentation & instalment option available.

If you choose to apply online you can:

  • Obtain instant quotations and purchase cover for the new season (Effective date 1 July 2019)
  • Pay by debit or credit card or;
  • Take advantage of our monthly instalment facility enabling you to spread the costs over 5 monthly instalments. (Full details of the monthly instalment amounts and interest charges are provided when you select the Direct Debit payment option).
  • Download your policy documentation instantly and automatically receive by email.
  • Your County FA will receive automatic notification that cover has been arranged (to assist with your affiliation process)

2) Apply by post (£5 administration fee):

If you choose to apply by post you can either:

  • Download our brochure (You will find the application at the back) and return the application form with a cheque. 


  • Apply online and select “pay by cheque” on the payment screen. This method will enable to you print out a pre completed application and will also result in a faster processing of your policy documentation when your postal application and payment is received by Bluefin Sport.

Tell me more about legal liabilities insurance available in this county.

The legal liability package provided by the NGIS in this County is called ‘Countycover Plus’. This is an exclusive product that includes five elements of cover in one unique policy:

  • Public liability - £10,000,000 
  • Employers liability - £10,000,000 
  • Officers and committee liability - £10,000,000 
  • Professional indemnity - £10,000,000
  • Cyber liability - £500,000


Because this is a block arrangement made by Lancashire FA it is important that you understand the cover provided to ensure it is adequate for your needs. We strongly recommend you take time to read the summary. (A copy of this document will also have been provided within your affiliation packs from the association.)

  • In respect of adult football the cover will only operate for any club, league or team that plays at Step 5 and below (men’s) or Tier 3 and below (women’s). Please contact Bluefin Sport if your club or any team plays in Step 4 and above (men’s) or Tier 2 and above (women’s).
  • Cover automatically includes both a club and leagues commercial activities but in respect of the operation of a licensed premises cover will only be provided if the turnover/revenue for this aspect is less than £30,000. For any licensed premises activities that exceed this threshold separate cover is required, so please contact Bluefin Sport to discuss further
  • The cover will only operate for or a match official at Step 2 and below (men’s) or Tier 3 and below (women’s).

All covers are subject to terms and conditions. We have highlighted some important ones here (but for full details of all terms and conditions please view the policy summary and policy wording).

Public liability:
  • Abuse cover only available to clubs who ensure all persons who operate in some capacity for the club (e.g. managers, coaches and members etc) and have involvement with children have been DBS (previously known as CRB) checked and approved as per Football Association recommendations.
  • Car parks for which you are responsible for. It is a condition that you have a clearly displayed disclaimer of liability for any loss or damage to any motor vehicle. This disclaimer is to be situated in a prominent position in your car park.
  • Designated changing facilities owned or operated by you. It is a condition that you have a disclaimer of liability for any loss or damage to visitors’ effects within the designated changing facility. The notice must be prominently displayed in or adjacent to the designated changing facility. An attendant must be on duty therein throughout the whole of the time the designated changing facility is in use or it must be adequately locked if unattended.

Cyber liability:

You must:

  • take reasonable steps to use, maintain and upgrade any program which protects against computer viruses or any unauthorised use of or access to the Insured’s computer system, network, electronic link or website;
  • make back-up copies of any data, file or program at reasonably frequent intervals;
  • cancel any username, password or other security protection after the Insured became aware or had reasonable grounds to suspect that it had been made available to any unauthorised person;
  • make reasonable steps to ensure that all personal data held by the Insured is encrypted.

Please view the policy summary and policy wording for details.

How do I purchase legal liability insurance?

Countycover is arranged by Lancashire FA as a group policy which allows you to purchase the cover at a cost effective premium, whilst also benefiting from a wide cover designed for grassroots football.

  • This cover is purchased when you affiliate to Lancashire FA and the premium is collected together with your affiliation fees. (this includes affiliation via The FAs Whole Game System where applicable) 
  • Once the premium has been received, and your affiliation has been accepted, you will be sent an ‘Evidence of Cover’ from Lancashire FA.

Who should I contact if I have any questions regarding the insurance?

If you have any queries about the personal accident or legal liability policies please contact Bluefin Sport:

T: 0345 872 5060
E: nationalgame@bluefinsport.co.uk



NGIS - Personal accident brochure and application form PDF document - 1.4 MB - 02/06/2019
NGIS - Personal accident policy wording (SPECIMEN) PDF document - 554.9 KB - 17/05/2019
NGIS - Legal liability summary PDF document - 572.7 KB - 17/05/2019
NGIS - Legal Liability policy wording (SPECIMEN) PDF document - 433.6 KB - 11/05/2018

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