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Reporting a liability incident


Claims or incident reporting procedures

Following changes effective from 1st August 2013 to legislation in respect of the handling of liability claims (The Jackson Reforms), please note all incidents that could give rise to a claim must be immediately reported and any writ or summons you receive must be forwarded to Bluefin Sport immediately.

The insurer ‘XL Catlin’ will initially have 40 days from the date you are notified of the incident, to respond to all allegations made against your club, league or association.

Please note failure to report a claim or a potential claim immediately could result in this policy not covering the incident.

It is imperative that you do not admit liability or enter into any dialogue or written correspondence with the third party or their legal representatives.

Who handles the claim?

The role of the Insurance Broker - Bluefin Sport

We are the FAWs appointed insurance broker providing insurance and risk management guidance and place insurance covers with the Insurers on their behalf. Our role is to provide The FAW and their members with support in the event of a claim, or potential claim, and to liaise with The FAW and the Insurance Company/Loss Adjuster as appropriate.

Often we will be the first point of contact when you need to report a claim or potential incident or require advice. We will set up a claim file and unique reference with the aim to support you throughout the entire process ensuring you are kept fully informed of developments and to notify you if any Loss Adjusters or other Third Parties are required to assist.

The role of the Insurance Company - XL Catlin

The FAW Liability scheme is underwritten by XL Catlin - The Insurance Company. They ultimately pay any Third Party compensation as a result of any successful claim that is made against you. They may instruct a Loss Adjuster to handle the claim dependent upon the type of incident and value.

The role of the Loss Adjuster - Woodgate & Clark

Loss Adjusters are independent claims specialists appointed by Insurance Companies to investigate, negotiate and agree the conclusion of insurance claims. Not all claims will require the services of a Loss Adjuster so in many cases you may just deal with the Insurance Broker and Insurance Company.

Loss Adjuster claims handling

Dependent upon the size and nature of your claim Woodgate & Clark might be instructed by the Insurance Company (XL Catlin) to be involved. As soon as a claim is notified to Woodgate & Clark they will make contact with you (and Bluefin Sport) to explain their involvement and establish the immediate requirements of your claim.

They will then arrange for the most appropriate loss adjuster to handle the claim, taking into consideration their expertise and the type of loss. An appointment will be arranged for the loss adjuster to visit the location of the loss in order to discuss the claim. They aim for this visit to be undertaken as soon as possible in order to agree an appropriate strategy, as early attendance by the loss adjuster is the best way to set your claim on the right path.

During the appointment the loss adjuster will talk to you about the circumstances of incident, what steps should be taken to ensure that the effect on your business is kept to a minimum and what further information may be required. Advice will also be given on how to present your claim.

Many volunteers involved with sports clubs can have very little experience of dealing with the consequences of a claim, whereas the loss adjusters routinely deal with these issues and so can provide the experience and support needed.

How do I report an incident?

Please follow these simple steps to making a claim:

All incidents that could give rise to a claim must be immediately reported to Bluefin Sport, with any writ or summons forwarded on immediately following receipt. You should not admit liability under any circumstances as the insurers will respond to all allegations on your behalf.

The insurer ‘XL Catlin’ will initially have 40 days from the date you are notified of the incident, to respond to all allegations made against your club. Please note that failure to report a claim potential claim immediately could result in indemnity under this policy being withdrawn by the insurers.

If you receive a Claims Notification Form (CNF) relating to either a claim against your club or a player you should immediately (and no later than one working day) send an electronic acknowledgment of receipt of the CNF to the claimant’s legal representatives. We suggest a wording of: “We acknowledge receipt of the CNF dated xx/xx/xx which is being passed onto our insurer, XL Catlin, under policy number SL6000599935. You should then immediately send the CNF and associated correspondence to Bluefin Sport to enable formal acknowledgement by the insurer to the claimant’s legal representatives.

By telephone: 0345 872 5060 (Mon to Friday 9 to 5)
By email: faw@bluefinsport.co.uk

Once the incident has been reported to us we will issue you with a unique claims reference number to be quoted on all future communications.

An incident report form can also be downloaded below for you to complete and forward to us along with any supporting documentation. This can then either be sent to us via email or by post to:

Bluefin Sport
Lower Castle Street

Useful notes

Claims that fall under this policy are usually notified to you either verbally or in writing by a third party or in writing from the legal representatives of a third party. In such circumstances, you should contact Bluefin Sport immediately.

So that we can deal with your claim as quickly as possible, please ensure that:

  • you have your affiliation number to hand
  • you have enclosed all information and documentation, including any correspondence received from the third party or their legal representatives.

Require further information?

Call Bluefin Sport on 0345 872 5060 (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm) or email us using the enquiry form.
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