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About the FAW Liability Scheme


We have worked in conjunction with The FAW to create this liability insurance product for clubs, area associations, leagues and match officials

The FAW arranges cover as a centrally purchased policy to ensure all stakeholders have some protection (this excludes Welsh Premier Clubs). It is therefore important that you read the summary of cover (download available below) to ensure you are aware of what the main policy benefits and exclusions are. If you are unsure if cover is adequate for your needs please contact us.

Who is covered?

This liability insurance scheme is designed to indemnify:

  • Directly Affiliated Leagues (DAL) and their clubs(with the exception of the Welsh Premier Leagueteams),
  • Area Associations and their affiliated member clubs (adult and youth), leagues and match officials.


Cover is not provided under this scheme for:

  • Welsh Premier League teams.
  • For clubs and leagues that operate a licensed premises, cover for this aspect of the operation is not provided under this scheme and separate cover should be sought.

What is covered?

The FAW has a specialist package that has been designed to provide a range of liability covers for Directly Affiliated Leagues and their affiliated members clubs/leagues and match officials.

Five elements of cover in one unique package:

  • £10,000,000 - Public/Products Liability
  • £10,000,000 - Employers Liability
  • £1,000,000 - Officers & committee liability
  • £1,000,000 - Professional indemnity
  • £500,000 - Cyber liability

You will also receive:

  • Expert claims, legal and risk management assistance.

This product is exclusively available via affiliation to the FAW

Are there any policy excesses?

Yes. In the event of a claim the following applies:

  • Public liability = £250 each and every claim in respect of property damage only. This is reduced to £25 in respect of claims for damage to glass/windows
  • Employers liability = No excess
  • Officers and committee liability = £250
  • Professional indemnity = £250
  • Cyber liability = £250 each and every claim.

Five elements of cover

The policy provided should not be confused with personal accident insurance. This is a liability product that is designed to protect you against claims for negligence or damage to third party property where you are held to blame. The policy is made up of five elements of cover and example scenarios are given below:

1. What is public & products liability?

Provides protection against legal liability for bodily injury to third parties and damage to third party property.

Why should I have it?

Public & products liability claims examples:

1) A player slid off the pitch into a concrete post. It was alleged that the post was erected too close to the playing surface and injury could have been avoided if the club had taken prior action. The club were held liable for the injury to the player.

2) During a football competition the club provided their own barbeque and supplied burgers and snacks. Following the event the club received news of several cases of food poisoning from various people that had attended the event. The club were held responsible.

3) Ball hit over cross bar and lands in undergrowth behind the goal. Player went to retrieve the ball and got caught on hidden barbed wire fencing causing serious injury. Club were held liable for failing to ensure a safe environment to play in.

2. What is employers' liability?

Provides cover in respect of claims made against the club for injuries caused to an employee of the club arising out of and in the course of such employment.

Why should I have it?

Employers liability claims example:

A club asked a ‘volunteer’ if he would put the nets up on a regular basis in return for a small monetary reward.  The club supplied a wooden step ladder to help fulfill the task.

The stepladder collapsed whilst the volunteer was using it and resulted in sustaining an injury.

It was proven that the step ladder was rotten and unsuitable for the task at hand.  The club were held liable under Employers Liability because of the master-servant relationship.

3. What is officers' an committee liability?

Provides cover for claims made directly against individuals at the club e.g. officer, committee member, director and/or trustee for alleged wrongful acts.

Why should I have it?

Officers & committee liability claims example:

During a committee meeting club member A read out a statement relating to club member B. Club member B took offence to this statement and later pursued legal action against club member A for alleged defamation of character.

4. What is professional indemnity?

Liability cover for claims made against the club for negligent acts, errors or ommissions, libel, slander and defamation. Includes cover for coaching activities that may be given in return for a fee.

Why should I have it?

Professional indemnity claims example:

A club coach decided to bring in a new warm up regime before a game. A few players reported back pains a week later. It was alleged that these injuries were as a result of the new training regime and the advice that the club coach had been giving the players.

Claims for injury were pursued against the coach for the instruction and advice he had given. The policy offered protection to the club coach in this particular case.

5. What is cyber liability?

Provides cover for your liability that can arise from collecting and storing personal data electronically or from operating on the internet.

Why should I have it?

Cyber liability claims example:

A club official drove to work with lap top on back seat. Whilst stopped at a set of lights a thief reaches in and stole the laptop which happened to contain information on club members, including names and address, contact numbers, dates of birth, nationalities and some bank details.

The club had to advise all their members and organisations of the loss of data in addition to having to deal with some adverse publicity.

Require further information?

Call Bluefin Sport on 0345 872 5060 (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm).

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FAW Liability scheme summary of cover 2018 to 2019 season PDF document - 356.8 KB - 08/10/2018

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